Source output is different than binary distribution.

Source output is different than binary distribution.

Hi, i need to use source version of TBB and so far it worked (other than the problems explained their: )However I'm having trouble with my CMake scripts to use the tbb project output.Basically, the problem is that all CMake scripts looking for TBB will follow the directory organization found in the binary distributions- BUT the source distribution never setup this organization!At least on windows, the library output directory is not where CMake scripts expect it to be.I cannot use the current last binaries because there is no VC11 version.So I think it is a bug, preventing easy use of the source distribution, at least on windows.(is there a place to file bugs? can't find it)

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hello klaim,I did not get the issue but our bugzilla is on OSS site:)you can set up any output or root folder for the build. All parameters for gmake can be found in build\index.html file.--Vladimir

Hello Vladimir,Sorry, I don't understand exactly what you mean.Do you mean that even on Windows I shouldn't use the provided Visual Studio projects to build the sources but use GMake instead? Or maybe GMake is used to setup the bin and lib directories after compilation?

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