test_atomic_pic.exe hangs

test_atomic_pic.exe hangs

I tried to compile each v4.0 commercial aligned release fromhttp://threadingbuildingblocks.orgon Fedora 11 (32bit) with GCC 4.4.1 (using `make all` command). Every time the second round of testing hangs on `test_atomic_pic.exe` (`top` shows ~100% cpu utilization on a single-core processor and ~200% - on a quad-core processor). That is, this test does not end after more than 10 hours.ps: `test_atomic_pic.exe` does not hang onthe first round of testing, though this test and`test_atomic.exe` output a few `TBB Warning: atomic store on misaligned 8-byte location is slow` during the first round.

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thanks for report, a few more details: did you run "make clean" between "make all"? there might be a problem with a makefiletest_atomic/test_atomic_pic reported earlier(http://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/showthread.php?t=102799)--Vladimir

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