I am trying to observe my threads. An some extrange this ocurrs.

I do a task_scheduler_init with 8 threads.

I have a task_scheduler_observer class where the entry methods prints the ID of each treads.

then, I spawns some task and I start the executing spawnning or recycling different tasks.

When the first task is spawned the threads go to the entry methods a print its ID. However in the middle of the execution (the execution lates several minutes) a new threads (the 9th threads) go to the entry methods.

It coul be like a new threads. However, in the system (using command "top") I can see always eight threads. I think one threads dies or somethin similar and a new threads is created. However, no thread go to exit method of the task_scheduler_observer...

Any Idea???

I would like to control all the threads because I want to use PAPI to measure some counters.

Thank you.

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please try limitting scope of your task_scheduler_init instance and wait some time after it is destroyed to receive delayed exit notifications

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