EXC_BAD_ACCESS at __TBB_MACHINE_DEFINE_ATOMICS(8,int64_t,"q") on OSX Lion using pipeline

EXC_BAD_ACCESS at __TBB_MACHINE_DEFINE_ATOMICS(8,int64_t,"q") on OSX Lion using pipeline

hi all..I'm getting an EXC_BAD_ACCESS at__TBB_MACHINE_DEFINE_ATOMICS(8,int64_t,"q")using the TBB40_20120408oss source release built as dynamic debug libs with XCode 4.3.2 using default settings (LLVM 3.1) on a Mac mini mid-2011 with i5 cores running Lion 10.7.3. The stack and project files are attached.. I've tried to keep the source as simple as I can without departing too far from the scenario that first caused the problem. It runs some concurrent_vector code through a pipeline.The exception occurs every time the code runs.. I suspect I'm probably breaking a fundamental rule somewhere, but haven't found anything obvious. Any help finding a workaround or fix would be appreciated.thanks!

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HI vandelayyyy,
I have reproduced the problem on VC10.
From a quick look at the stack - you code is tryingto push items to invalid instance of concurrent_vector (with this==0).
In Filter::operator()(void *pItem), pItem is NULL

Thanks for your quick response, Anton.. I'm new to Mac dev but now that I know what to look for it's apparent in the Mac stack too.

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