When will TBB examples to be updated with new features?

When will TBB examples to be updated with new features?

I am looking for examples on how to use memory_pool. It seems the package coming with 4.0 doesn't have it in examples.
Could that be updated?
Also, the scalable_allocator examples are the same since 2.0+, could we get some more varieties, especially some examples that we can compare performance with conventional memory allocator.


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Hello,Depends on a feature example might be added when feature is converted from preview feature to mature featureUsage scenarios can be found in appropriate unit tests.Regarding malloc pool CPF you can found some usage examples in our blogshttp://software.intel.com/en-us/blogs/2011/12/19/scalable-memory-pools-community-preview-feature/thanks,--Vladimir

Thanks for the link.
Another question: under test, why some are only for __APPLE__, one example is the test_inits_loop.cpp.
Where is its corresponding Linux version?

"one example is the test_inits_loop.cpp"
See thread "test_inits_loop, only for OSX ?."

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