test_inits_loop, only for OSX ?.

test_inits_loop, only for OSX ?.


Apparentlytest_inits_loopwasprogrammed in the past to test for a specific mac problem, and is skipped for non mac system.

It seems the test only use POSIX calls so perhaps it can be used also on Linux.

The comments in the #else and #endif lines (// !__APPLE__) are wrong.

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I would tend to agree, except that it may add about half a minute to the running time of the test suite, and not everybody runs that just once. (Perhaps a comment could clarify this, though.)

I wouldn't pay too much attention to the comment style (applying to #if or #else?), which seems to vary throughout the code.

hello,As far as I remember there were issues on tiger/10.4. So i'm not sure whether test is still relevant. We'll check.thanks.Vladimir

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