ARM build for TBB

ARM build for TBB

I would like to port TBB on ARM machine.
Can anyone please provide patch for it and
other information for ARM build.

Thanks in advance.


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Do you really mean port, or apply (since you're asking for a patch)? What environment (compiler, operating system, kind of system)?

If it's GCC-based, TBB already has a generic implementation to at least get you started.

helloJMKrishna,I'm not aware about current limitations for linux on arm. The current version might work there.Please post your feedback after you try.thanks.--Vladimir

Thank u for reply.
I want to use it on Android.
Can i use it directly or any patch is required for that one??


If anybody has done that already, I don't think it has been mentioned here before. It's a bit more specific than just the processor, I suppose, but why not give it a try and tell us what you see?

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