warnings missed by gcc and found by clang (patch included)

warnings missed by gcc and found by clang (patch included)


I've found nine warnings missed by gcc which appear when compiling with clang.
I attach a diff file which also include the patch for the test_concurrent_vector bug mentioned in a previous thread.

  • file:include/tbb/internal/_concurrent_unordered_impl.h
    • 2 Wunused-parameter.
    • 1 Wconstant-conversion. This warning depends on how the compiler works, so I add a check for clang and a ignore pragma
  • file:src/tbbmalloc/backend.cpp
    • 4 Wparentheses (assignment which also gives a boolean expression)
  • file:src/test/test_buffer_node.cpp
    • 1 Wunused-parameter
  • file:src/test/test_concurrent_vector.cpp
    • 1 Wtautological-comparison (the bug previously mentioned)
  • file:src/test/test_queue_node.cpp
    • 1 Wunused-parameter
Downloadapplication/octet-stream diffs.4.33 KB
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Hello, thank you! Could you please submit it viaMake a Contributionform?

Excuse me, I remember there is a way to submit contribution files but I don't find how, so I did it in the easy way.
I've submitted the file, and another two I've attached in the thread "Successful build with clang", through the contribution form.

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