Can TBB v4.x support Solaris?

Can TBB v4.x support Solaris?

Greetings, From download page, it seems that TBB will not support solaris since version 4. Is that true? Any response is very appreicated!!Nai yan.

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Please refer to the original "If TBB not support Solaris since version 4?" instead.

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Hi Nai yan,
TBB 4.0 and its updates support Solaris but binaries need to be built from sources like in mingw and other cases without precompiled binaries.--Vladimir

Thank you so much!- Nai Yan.

Thank you, Vladimir.However, if Oracle Solaris Studio has any support for its compiling? Just want to make sure if there is any special configuration required for compling.Thanks in advance!Nai yan.

We don't have any special expertise to offer advice on the use of Solaris compilers, though perhaps there is someone in theIntel TBB user communitywho might know of any special hooks or support. We suggest that you try it and report any difficulties that you encounter.

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