If TBB not support Solaris since version 4?

If TBB not support Solaris since version 4?

Greetings, From TBB download page, it seems the latest version 4 can't support Solaris. Is that true? Thanks.Nai Yan.

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What page is that?

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There's been no statement on any particular page: I suspect that zhaonaiy noticed that whereas the Intel TBB3.0 releases include an archive for Sun binaries, the 4.0 downloads do not. However, nothing has changed regarding our longstandingsupport for Intel TBB on Solaris*: 4.0 versions should compile for Solaris as well as the 3.0 releases did. However, we have no specific knowledge on support or required switches to build Intel TBB using any particular Solaris compiler

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