Advice for a TBB beginner

Advice for a TBB beginner

Hi, I am a student at and I want to use multi-threading in a game I am making. Typically the game loop will run 30-60 times a second, and I want to be able to have different parts of the code (AI/Physics/Assets) run on threads and then synch up each loop.
Should I use OpenCL?
Can anyone suggest advice on how to do this? Useful tutorials or docs to read?Also I am wondering does TBB work with AMD processors?Thanks!Jonathan

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I don't have any experience with OpenCL. I was the original architect for TBB (Alexey Kukanov is the current architect), so I'm a bit biased towards TBB. Yes, TBB works with AMD processors.

I have written a game that uses TBB and does about 30-75 frames/sec depending on the hardware. The sources can be downloaded from Download the tarball to get the whole set of sources.The sources include both TBB and Cilk Plus implementations undef #ifdefs. TBB is the default implementation unless you compile it with the Intel >=12.0 compiler. The game has two physics engines that run concurrently with a seismogram renderer. Furthermore one of the physics engines (wavefield modeler and renderer) is parallelized too. There are some old blogs, starting with on how the wavefield calculations were parallelized, which is perhaps idiosyncratic to wavefield modelers, but might serve as general inspiration.

The binaries and installer are available at .

Awesome!!! Thank you greatly.

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