I compiled the OpenCV2.1+TBB3.0 using MinGW and now all apps crashes

I compiled the OpenCV2.1+TBB3.0 using MinGW and now all apps crashes


I compiled the OpenCV2.1 with TBB-3.0 using MinGW 4.5.2 for Windows 32-bit, but
now all applications that i rebuild with new libs are crashes (all applications
are built successfully).

I can't debug using these libraries and don't know what might be happening

I would appreciate if someone can help me

Thanks in advance.

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Try to localize the source of the problem
- If you can, recompile everything with another compiler (or for another platform) to see if it is specific to MinGW.
- If possible, recompile OpenCV to not use TBB. Does the problem go away after that?
- Does OpenCV provide control over the degree of parallelism / number of threads to use? If yes, set it to 1 (no parallelism) and see whether it eliminates the problem.
- Do you have any additional parallelism/threading in the application(s)? If yes, try removing it.
- Why can't you debug? TBB libs can be built in debug mode, so you should be able to do some debugging. Possibly trying it on another platform can help with debugging as well.

Now is working, I forgot to add the TBB binaries to directory of additional libraries on Netbeans.

I was not able to debug because it was crashing before running the main I think.

Thanks for the help

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