TBB tuning??

TBB tuning??

I was told that TBB can work faster if tuned. Can anyone please advise me as to where to look into the documentation for information about tuning TBB? I am looking for info about block size allocation for threads.

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Tuning TBB? Perhaps you were told that TBB applications can work faster if tuned? There are a very few parameters for tuning TBB (like the token count passed to tbb::pipeline to manage the amount of buffer use in the pipeline) but for the most part the library is adaptive. Most of the performanceimprovements will come from finding the bottlenecks in your code that uses TBB through a variety of means starting with hot spot analysis (to find out where in your code all the work is being done). Intel provides tools such as Intel Parallel Amplifier to do hot spot analysis as well as other analysis types and there are other tools available.

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