Cross compiling C++ Applications written using Intel TBB

Cross compiling C++ Applications written using Intel TBB

Hi,I have a very simple question which may sound very naive, but anyways here it is:If a write my C++ application using Intel TBB on an Intel x64 Core 2 duo architecture and then decide to port the application to another architecture say (Intel Xeon/Itanium, SUN Niagra) by cross compiling it on my present architecture, then do I need to have Intel TBB API or libraries installed on other architectures for my cross compiled application to run on them? I hope it would be a self contained cross compiled binary?ThanksVarun

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If you want to run your application in differents platforms you should have those libraries for that platforms installed in those platforms. If you want to compile using cross compilation you need install in your machine the libraries for the target platform.

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