tbb3 Compiler error

tbb3 Compiler error


I have just tried to compile TBB30_20100314(development release) by MinGW and got compiler error
../../src/tbb/market.cpp:68: error: `max' was not declared in this scope

Is't call of std::max or tbb has own function? Otherwise there is no any namespace specified.

Please fix it.

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As workaround I specfied namespace std for max function,
after that I got the same errors about 'min' in the same file.

First of them was here
../../src/tbb/market.cpp:114: error: `min' was not declared in this scope

Other errors were situated in the same source file.

If I specify namespace std, then build is Ok.

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Thanks for telling us about the problems. We will fix those, as well as some others, and publish another development release soon.

Thanks a lot.

I've tried to compile TBB3 by MS VS 10.

And I've received the following results:
1. Compiler errors. It was connected with my previous changes in TBB sources file(i did it to get compilation for MinGW). After reverting those changes build was OK, but
2. There are may warnings. If you are interested in them I can attach build log.

stable release with the fix posted to the open source site.


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