TBB download page

TBB download page

I'm having a problem accessing the tbb download page (http://www.threadingbuildingblocks.org/download.php). I just get a blank page with a login link and clicking the login link just refreshes the page instead of giving me a login form.

Before this I was getting the download page for the various platforms but when I clicked the download link I was taken to a similar blank page with no download links.

Is anyone else experiencing similar issues? I have tried under both Firefox and IE to no avail. Is there anywhere else I can download TBB?


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I'm seeing the same thing. I noticed overnight some problems accessing a database server used for content generation. I'll notify the appropriate support group and see if we can get this restored. I've not heard of any planned outages.

I first noticed it last night too but I wanted to make sure it wasn't just me. Thanks!

It still seems to be unstable. People have been reporting it coming and going through the day and we've heard that our web support team is working on it. I expect by next week or maybe even the weekend it should stabilize, so until then I wouldn't worry about it.

The site still appears to be down, however you can get to google's cached version which appears to have working links to the actual files:

The download page is still down as of 8:29pm 5/11/2008 California time.

Yes, I noticed at one point over the weekend that even when the topmost download page was working, some of the second level pages were useless, with mysterious absences. But today it seems fine: every place I tried to get to was there and usable. Hopefully our support team have worked out the issues so we won't have another occurance of that soon. Thanks to everyone for noticing and letting us know.

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