Intel C++ Profe. Compiler - TBB support

Intel C++ Profe. Compiler - TBB support

Intel says that Professional Editions of C++ Compilers have native support of TBB...
I am having a C++ Prof. Compiler but i am sure that i can't compile any TBB source code...
Even with a quick search in my computer i cant find any tbb.lib file...
Am i missing smthg?

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It doesn't come in the same package as the compiler but your license for the Professional Edition should allow you to go to the registration centerand see a download product frame that allows you to select the compiler as well as Intel IPP, Intel MKL, Intel TBB and Intel Visual Fortran Compiler. You can pull down what you need rather than suffer the download time of one huge bundle.

But i'm also not see aditional product from Professional package

Are there any more details about your experience that you can share? There's not enough detail here to base even a guess about what might be going wrong. What OS/net browser are you using in your attempt to visit the site? What do you see?

What I did to research my previous response was to sign up for an evaluation license for the IntelCompiler SuiteProfessional Edition (for Windows) and clicked through the links to a page that shows the separate tool packages as links. Clicking through any of them takes me to the corresponding product download page. I was successful in this pursuit using IE 6 on a Windows XP box.

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