Porblems compiling TBB with ICC10 and VS2008

Porblems compiling TBB with ICC10 and VS2008


I managed to compile TBB with VS2008 (using GNU make only) as it was stated somewhere that latest versions support it. However I wasn't able to compile it with ICC10 and VS2008. The ICC build configuration seems to be unaware of VS2008. I patched windows.icl.inc to add /Qvc9 to icl.exe command line, but then it couldn't find the include directories.

I'm not familiar with make and other tools TBB's build system uses, and I don't need to compile it with this toolset that urgently. But I still want to test. Any ideas where else to patch?

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Hi. Is there a reason you want to build it yourself rather than using the recent commercially-aligned release that supports VS.NET 2008?

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