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MinGW Support


Are there any news on compiling TBB under Windows XP using MinGW? Is this supported now? Supporting this OS/compiler combination would be greately appreciated.

As a reminder, MinGW compiles binaries that run natively under XP. That's way different from Cygwin, that's more of a platform of its own, and that would probably require a lot more work.


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Tricaric: I have been working on getting TBB to build and be usable in "Unix-on-Windows" environments, including UWIN and Cygwin. I plan to work on TBB within the MinGW environment soon.

I've documented my experiments with UWIN and Cygwin in a series of blog posts:



Yes, I have compiled TBB 2.0 with VS 2008 & MinGW yesterdaysuccessfully. Try the following steps.

1. download Intel TBB 2.0 source code from threadingbuildingblocks.org.

2. download and install mingw (MinGW-5.1.3). We will get GNU make.

3. Add "C:MinGWin" to system environment variable "PATH", and so we can run make from cmd console.

4.run "Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt" from Start Menu.

5.change to the source folder of tbb2.0 you have extracted and run make command.

then everything will be OK.


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