Contribution process fails to upload file

Contribution process fails to upload file


I'm trying to do a contribution to TBB and ran into problems during the contribution process. Essentially in both Firefox and Konqueror (I use linux) with Java and JavaScript enabled, I cannot upload the file I created.

In Konqueror no other buttons beside the "Choose file" button and the "Submit" and "Cancel" button appears. After choosing the file I get the error message: "Please upload a file".

In Firefox an "Upload file" button is present. After choosing the file I pressed this button and obtained the following cryptic message: "Error Code: HTTP Error, File name:tbb_misc.dif, Message: 400"

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Sorry about the inconvenience. This sounds like it might be related to a problem we've seen before,a flash control used by our infrastructure for their standard upload page. We're trying to get changes to eliminate this extra decoration of the page, which has caught browsers like Firefox before. Since we're still trying to accomplish this, could you do us a favor? Is there any way you can find a Windows machine running Internet Explorer just to do the upload? (That browser seems to work.) If that's too painful, we might have an alternate, painful way to do it, but we'll hold that in reserve.

I know this doesn't fix the problem, but you can try ies4linux if you haven't already. It could save you a bit of a hassle. I use it sometimes when something only supports IE.

Thanks for the answers. I booted into Windows and used Firefox to upload the contribution. It really seems to be an issue with the flash application...

Would not a SVN repository be better than relying on a flash application? Creating a SVN repository is simple and people would not need to do a diff against the current development version, as this would be done automatically.



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