How to get TBB (tbb20_014oss) up and running on Linux?

How to get TBB (tbb20_014oss) up and running on Linux?

Hi all,

I require some help in getting tbb up for use on my linux system.

I am not sure if I did it correctly.


1) I download the tbb2.0 commerical aligned (014) src and binaries add-on

2) I extracted it and the src file and then added ia32 folder from the binaries into the src folder

3) gmake

Afterthis, I am stuck. What should I do next?

Do I copy any files to some location? Source any files?

When working with tbb, do I need to have files in the same folder in order to use it or just use -ltbb options?

Can someone guide me?

I am using linux version icc version 9.1.042.



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First, have you had a chance to read the index.html that is located at the top of the source tree? It has a link to build/index.html, which contains some instructions for building and using TBB.

Second, if you're interested in the commercial-aligned release (tbb20_014), the archive also contains a tar file of Linux binaries.

For further help on building your application with the TBB library, you might consult the Makefile in the examples subtree of the source distribution to see how -ltbb is employed there.

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