Running sample application

Running sample application


I have downloaded TBB library built a sample (getting started), run it successfully on my machine, now i want to try it on a machine with 4 CPU's. I have copied exe and tbb.dll onto that machine. When i try to run it I get error message "The system cannot execute the specified program.".
With Process monitor I can see that it loads my sample app than ntdll.dll and exits with a status (-1072365566).
Can anyone tell me what I am misssing?


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I might be wrong, but I would assume that you are trying to run a 64-bit app on a 32-bit machine. Another reason off the top of myhead is that you might not have a proper MSVC runtime DLL on the second machine, though the error message for that would be different I think.

I guess if it would be 64bit build it wouldn't run on my machine either (mine is 32bit). And I have definately installed MSVC runtime. I have tried to run it on other machine which has MS VS installed. Same error. I am puzzled.

I assume you're using VS.NET 2005 for your development. I'd guess that you have not installed VS.NET on your 4-core machine. The message you quote is one that has bitten me several times when migrating Windows binaries to other machines. If you search the machine on which you built the code, you should find a set of redistribution packages ("redist"-something or other). There's an installer you can copy to your 4-core machine which should add the libraries you need to avoid that error. There's something about it here.

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