"note_affinity" link error, please help?

"note_affinity" link error, please help?

I download the TBB each version, and add them to VS2005.

Using concurrent_queue concurrent_hash_map is ok.

But when I use parallel_for, then get a link error!

error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "public: virtual void __thiscall tbb::task::note_affinity(unsigned short)" (?note_affinity@task@tbb@@UAEXG@Z)

Could some one to tell me how to resolve it.

Thanks very much!

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I solved the error!

Use different version of"include" work with another one,will get this error!:)

Yes, please be sure you do not mix headers and binaries from different packages.

The developer updates are not guaranteed to provide any binary compatibility. Stable releases usually should provide backward binary compatibility, which means you can replace old binaries with newer ones, but not the otehr way. Likely, commercial-aligned releases should be backward-compatible; but stable is not necessarily compatible to com-aligned, and vice versa.

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