Latest Developer Release Missing affinity.h

Latest Developer Release Missing affinity.h

The latest developer release of the TBB source fails to compile because affinity.h -- included in parallel_for.h -- is missing.

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Sooner rather than later, this header will be real. If you follow the blog of Arch Robison, you probably can guess what it is intended to be for :)

For now, you can either delete the line(s) that #include "affinity.h", or add an empty file with this name into the folder with TBB headers.

Thank you for noticing it and letting us know; and our apologies to everyone affected.

The issue is fixed in the most recent developer snapshot; take it from the download area of

My prediction that the header will become real, however, completely failed :) As the initial affinity prototype improved and matured, the file became unnecessary and simply had gone.

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