PIC on IA-64

PIC on IA-64

While browsing the TBB build scripts, I noted this code block and comment:

ifeq (itanium,$(arch))
# Position-independent code (PIC) is a must on IA-64, even for regular (not shared) executables

I was searching for verification of this but couldn't find any. Can you post a reference? Also, when referring to IA-64, is this only Itaniums, or does it include Core processors, etc.?


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IA-64 refers to the architecture ofIntelItanium processors. You can find many useful information about IA-64 here: http://www.intel.com/design/itanium2/documentation.htm?=Itanium2+tab_technical_docs. In particular, look at "Intel Itanium Software Conventions and Runtime Architecture Guide" and "Intel Itanium Processor-Specific Application Binary Interface (ABI)" and search for "position-independent" there.

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