tbb20_014oss build examples crash MSVC 8.0 compiler

tbb20_014oss build examples crash MSVC 8.0 compiler


I downloaded thetbb20_014oss source. Using Visual studio 2005 professional commandwindowand gnu Make from Cygwin distribution, the library and dll seem to build ok; However, the following examples crashed the ms c compiler during the release and debug build processes:

Count_strings.exe, Primes.exe, Parallel_PreOrder.exe, Text_filter.exe, Tree_sum.exe, and Fibonacci.exe.


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I wonder ifCygwin's "make" can compile any of examples. This "make" is not fully supported by TBB makefiles. There are many issues with paths and especially with the PATH environment variable. Cygwin looks mostly like separate platform than just a toolset for Windows. It rather requires implementation ofbuild/cygwin.inc and build/cygwin.cl.inc files because settings of build/windows.inc don't fit into Cygwin's rules.

You could alsoworkaround this by loading environment settingsfrom tbbvars.* scripts and using of makefile foreachexample directly.

Thanks. I downloaded the gnu-make for win32 mentioned in the other thread of this forum, and it works great.



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