Looking for HTMulticore.lib

Looking for HTMulticore.lib

The Intel page on the Hyper-Threading Technology, Multi-core, and Mobile Intel Pentium Processor-M Toolbox at http://www.intel.com/cd/ids/developer/asmo-na/eng/214707.htm?page=2 has a reference to HTMulticore.lib, and a link URL. However, the link directs the user to http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/sample-code-monitoring-connectivity-license-agreement, which appears to be something quite different.

Does anyone have a location for HTMulticore.lib, please?


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Yes, it certainly looks like a disconnect. I might suggest that you try to contact the author of the article, khang.t.nguyen@intel.com, to at least alert him about the link problem, and possibly obtain a copy of the library. You might also try asking at the parallel architectures forumwhich might be a broader audience for your question. This forum is more for discussion of Intel's Threading Building Blocks than for general questions about threads, threading, Hyper-Threading or other Intel libraries. Good luck!

For anyone who arrives at this page looking for HTMultiCore.lib, the link has now been repaired.


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