malloc compliance test failure

malloc compliance test failure

A TBB build on a system that has an Intel Q6600 quad-core processor, 2.4 GHz overclocked to 2.8 GHz, running Fedora, reported a failure in the "malloc compliance test." Has anyone else seen this? What are the implications of this one test failing during a TBB build from source?

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Thank you for spotting the problem. Basically, the test checks if the implementation of TBB scalable memory allocator complies with the requirements to memory allocation routines specified in the Single UNIX specification Version 3 ( Even if it fails, you still can use TBB on that platform. In case some instability appears in other tests and/or your applications, you might try to use TBB with the standard glibc memory allocator. For this, you need to make unaccessible for system loader (e.g. by renaming it or keeping it away of pathes in LD_LIBRARY_PATH).

In order to reproduce the issue and catch bugs behind, I would like to know more details of the platform where the test failed. Can you please tell me the version of Fedora and the version of g++ used?


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