Building TBB with MinGW

Building TBB with MinGW

I would appreciate any help or hints in how to build the TBB libraries from source code using MinGW and MSYS (gcc version 3.4.2).

Mike Gogins

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Please can someone reply with useful information with regards to this topic. As a cross-platform compiler, TBB should support MinGW.
Specifically, how does one build TBB with mingw32-make.exe?
Can it be done without Visual C++?

I would be interested to build and use TBB with MinGW or Cygwin, too!

If somebody has managed to achieve this, I would be interested in getting the needed informations.

Thanks in advance,

I'd also like to know how to build TBB under cygwin with GCC, not MSVC. Right now, when I run make under cygwin, it finds that I have MSVC and builds it with that. I actually need to do a compiler benchmark and try the code on windows, but compiled under GCC.


Neither MinGW nor Cigwin are supported yet. But the build system has modular and quite clear design. So, you are welcome to contributeyour modules necessary for support of those compilers.

For MinGW, you canclone file into with fixingfor some windows-specifics (see

AsI wrote insimilar topic, Cygwin looks rather like a separate platform than just a toolset for Windows. It requires implementation ofbuild/ and build/ files because settings of build/ don't fit into Cygwin's rules. And some modifications of are necessary to recognize Cygwin as a platform different from Windows.

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