License buy-out for a free commercial app

License buy-out for a free commercial app

Hello TBB specialists, 

 I started looking for an answer to my question in  Intel support channel (, but they advised to come here.

 Our company develops a free, but closed source application, which might benefit from Intel TBB. However, the 2 commercial licensing options listed below aren't very suitable for us: 

- single user license  - products priced on a "per individual user" basis

- floating license - products proced on a "per user" basis, provided that all user machines share same network.

 For a free app, we are not ready to acquire licenses per user, as we don't track number of users. But we can consider a buy-out option, if there is such.

Any suggestions are welcome,

Pardon me for writing about legal stuff in technical forum,


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Hi Anton,

you are right, this is a technical forum and usually here are no lawyers here. But I can point you to licensing FAQ on our open source site

I hope it will be helpful,

Hi Vladimir,

First of all, thanks for the great product. Again, let me apologize for posting legal questions here, but it is an advisory I got from your supportchannel email list.

Thanks for the FAQ link, but I read it before posting questions widely, and yet my questions are still unanswered. I am a bit surprised that anything going beyond FAQ cannot find a proper attention from legal staff on Intel's side. Please let me know which email list/ who to talk to to find out more about licensing options.


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