Improved TBB website -

Improved TBB website -

Check out the new, re-designed Intel® TBB website,  Learn about the latest product information, download source code and samples, submit contributions, and much more!

If you have any comments or suggestions, we would love to hear them!

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Nice changes!

However I find that a link to these forums is missing...

Thanks and good suggestion! We now have a link to the TBB forums under the "News" menu and under Resources on the home page.

Keep the suggestions and comments coming!

Looks good!

But I haven't found everything again. Are the reference manaual and tutorial/user guide only available as web pages or can I just don't find the PDF's to download?

Thanks, martin

I can't find PDF's either. It seems that will have to go with html docs. However it would be nice to have a PDF version so we could check it offline.

I'm also missing the PDF files, to have the information available offline, and to be able to easily do full searches. And it seems that some information has not been converted (footnotes?). I'm currently sticking with the latest PDF I downloaded, unless I already suspect there's something newer I have to see, obviously not tenable in the long run.

But why were the PDF docs dropped down?

Great feedback and you're right.  The TBB documentation is currently included in our other packages, but not in the open source packages available on  We should add the HTML documentation for offline viewing. 


We added html offline documentation to all packages to <install_dir>/doc/help folder

And now we are looking for a feedback on this: how do you find it comparing to previuos pdf docs?

thank you,


thanks for the offline docs. I'll install update 3 and check the docs with the pdf's I have from the first launch of version 4.



Release-specific bundled offline docs are great! Note that footnotes are still missing (the first example I just found is in table "C Interface to Scalable Allocator" about POSIX, but I remember mentioning another with arguably more relevant information on this forum, so you should probably improve the HTML generation or convert the information to something else than footnotes in the source material). I can probably learn to live with non-live, non-linear searching (type, click Search, click item, scroll, click other item, scroll, repeat), or not having section or page numbers to refer to... :-)

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