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Thread Pool


Does TBB create a single Thread pool when linked with 'n' binaries or a thread pool/binary ? 

For example I have multiple instances of the same the .dll in my application and this .dll uses tbb, so will there only be one single thread pool?

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Assuring that is the main goal of presenting TBB as a dynamical library.

(Added 2012-12-04) I'm agnostic about these multiple instances (really multiple copies in the working program, or just multiple copies in the file system with only one of them actually linked in, or a simple mistake in the question itself?), because I expect TBB to behave no different than the runtime library (having more than one new/delete pool tends to be a show stopper before you get to worry about more than one thread pool).

>>...I have multiple instances of the same the .dll in my application...

Could you explain how did you do this? For example in a Win32 application...

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