Not able to use TBB with Cmake

Not able to use TBB with Cmake


   I am trying to use TBB through CMAKE. Using CMAKE I am trying to download TBB automatically and set the paths for various compilers. Bt when I try to so the following:

set( ext.TBB_URL "" CACHE STRING "URL to download TBB from" )
    URL ${TBB_URL}
    URL_MD5 1b5024366b1e0434ed734f8b62f627a8
    BUILD_COMMAND     ""

The above command shall download TBB and install it in a particular location. Besides this it sets various paths for me. It gives me the following error:

2>------ Build started: Project: TBB, Configuration: Debug x64 ------

2> Building Custom Rule XXXXXXXXXXXXXX/superbuild/CMakeLists.txt

2> CMake does not need to re-run because XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\test\CMakeFiles\generate.stamp is up-to-date.

2> Creating directories for 'TBB'

2> Performing download step (verify and extract) for 'TBB'

2> -- verifying file...

2> file=""

2> -- verifying file... done

2> -- extracting...

2> src=""

2> dst='XXXXXXXXXX/test/external/tbb/src/TBB'

2> -- extracting... [tar xfz]

2>CUSTOMBUILD : CMake error : Problem with archive_write_header(): Can't remove already-existing dir

2>CUSTOMBUILD : CMake error : Current file:tbb41_20121003oss/

2>CUSTOMBUILD : CMake error : Problem extracting tar:

2> -- extracting... [error clean up]

2> CMake Error at TBB-stamp/extract-TBB.cmake:33 (message):

2>CUSTOMBUILD : error : extract of '' failed




This seems to be like a TBB archiving issue to me. Any solution for this. Some important libraries like boost do support zip format of automatic download.


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What does this diagnostics mean? Doesn't cmake say that it can't delete local foder on the disk?
And second question: Are you trying to _untar_ ( [tar xfz]) ZIP-archive? should it work at all? 


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