TBB tbb41_20130116oss - Visual Studio 2012 - Windows 8

TBB tbb41_20130116oss - Visual Studio 2012 - Windows 8

Had a project on Visual Studio 2010, with TBB tbb40_233oss, on Windows 7. Everything worked well, for long time, through many modifications.

Copied same project to Windows 8, opened with Visual Studio 2012, the project is 'updated' successfully. As usual added TBBROOT env.variable to windows, added all appropriate TBB include and lib references to the project. When compiling - getting error:

error C1004: unexpected end-of-file found    ...\tbb41_20130116oss\include\tbb\internal\_tbb_windef.h     Line: 37

Is there any simple solution to that? I could not find myself or by googling, will appreciate very much any hint. Thanks

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That's strange. Could you check that this file contains 82 lines in your case?


Hello Vladimir,

I did not change anything, only downloaded. This file tbb41_20130116oss\include\tbb\internal\_tbb_windef.h starts with line #1 as /*, next line #2 is Copyright...; line #81 is the last not empty line, it's #endif

I attached the file here. The line #37 is an #endif.

Thanks     -- Oleg


Downloadtext/x-chdr tbb-windef.h3.06 KB

It looks there is a very nice bug in studio:)

I've reproduced this locally. Instead of putting #error message it writes EOF error.

Define _WIN32_WINNT macro to 0x0501 or above. we have dropped the support of Windows 2000 in TBB 4.1.


Thanks Vladimir,

Actually, after a reinstallation (for unrelated reasons) the problem is gone, no more this error. Even though all is done same way.

I'll keep your solution on a record for future. Anyways, it is probably too early for me to go into Windows 8 - VS2012 environment. I'll wait ~ half-year more, don't want to stumble into some problems.


I've filled a bug against studio 2012 https://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/feedback/details/779029/unexp...

It was confirmed but deffered for later version.


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