Intel Threading Block can work on real time application?

Intel Threading Block can work on real time application?


I am amit and currently i am exploring intel TBB for our business purpose. I have couple of queries which are listed below. Can you plz help me out?

1. As i have studied that TBB scheduler has unfair and non preemptive scheduling. In our project on multicore platform, we want to develop a time critical application and in which there is requirement like to interrupt a TBB task because of high priority interrupt and my qus is can we preempt a TBB task or Can we acknowledge that interrupt in real time applicatons?

2. Is TBB can work on embedded real time applications?

3. I understood the concept of parallel_for or other templates but can you provide me some material in which i can throughly understand the concept that how scheduler is working interanally? 

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It might help first to specify which processor (number of cores) and which O/S you intend to use.

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