Intel TBB flow graph webinar - session recording available

Intel TBB flow graph webinar - session recording available

Whether you are new to TBB or a TBB expert, listen to Michael Voss, Architect of the Intel®  TBB flow graph, explain this new and powerful feature. The webinar is in the can but you can view it at

Title: Creating parallel reactive and streaming applications with the Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) flow graph The  flow graph feature available in Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) allows users to easily create both dependence graphs and reactive, messaging passing graphs that execute on top of Intel TBB tasks.  Users programmatically create nodes and edges that express the computations performed by their application and the dependencies between these computations.  The Intel TBB library is then able to exploit the parallelism that is implicit in the graph structure, and the resources available on the target machine, to speed up the application.  Flow graphs are applicable across a wide range of domains, including media, gaming, finance, portable/low-power computing and technical computing.   This 1-hour webinar will present a quick introduction to the Intel® Threading Building Blocks library, followed by a more complete description of the flow graph feature.  Attendees will be walked through the details of a “Hello World” flow graph, and then will be shown several more complex examples that demonstrate the power and flexibility of this parallel programming abstraction. 

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Some of my colleagues did not have a chance to assist to the webinar. Is there a recorded version of it which they could watch?


The webinar was recorded and posted at the following location:

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