Bug in flow graph documentation ?

Bug in flow graph documentation ?


I've tried to compile and run this code with tbb 4.1:


But found some errors, the changes I did to make it work was to replace:

broadcast_node<int> input;


broadcast_node<int> input(g);


make_edge( squarer, std::get<0>( join.inputs() ) );
make_edge( cuber, std::get<1>( join.inputs() ) );


make_edge( squarer, std::get<0>( join.input_ports() ) );
make_edge( cuber, std::get<1>( join.input_ports() ) );

With that I could compile with tbb 4.1 


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Hello, Daniel,

Thank you for pointing the problem out.  The blog you mentioned was written before two changes:

  1. The names of the ports for the join and the other tuple-based nodes were changed to be more-descriptive,
  2. The nodes were tracked by the graph they belong to for the purpose of resetting.

We should update the code to reflect the changes (we have been discussing this subject recently, but have yet to have a good general solution.)

Best Regards,

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