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LLVM / Clang


Any LLVM / Clang ports available for TBB?


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yes, development release does have such port for os x.


CHANGES says support for OS X was added in TBB 4.0 Update 4 and further improved in TBB 4.1 Update 3 (those are stable releases).

Use on GNU/Linux has been demonstrated, but is not yet supported.

I am not looking for OS X. I am looking to use Clang on Windows. Can I use TBB.

Is the OS X port compatibe with Clang?

Where can I get the lib for this?

hello Suminda,

For windows we do not have a contribution for clang yet. but I think it should not be very difficult comparing to mingw's gcc. So if you make it please submit it via http://threadingbuildingblocks.org/submit-contribution


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