TBB 4.1 Update 3 for windows seems to break Visual Studio 2010

TBB 4.1 Update 3 for windows seems to break Visual Studio 2010


I just installed the TBB 4.1 Update 3 for Windows using the Intel Software Manager updater.  After installation, when I enter Visual Studio 2010 and try to compile a file I get the error

    Could not load file or assembly 'Intel.Misc.Utilities, Version=, Culture = neutral, PublicKeyToken=f4875dd4c8d7762f' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

I've tried re-installing the update and uninstalling the update but neither fixes the error.  Is there any way to fix this without re-installing Visual Studio?



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Actually, it broke more than just compiling.  I cannot do many things such as open project properties, open certain menu items such as 'tools-options'.  Basically, the update has made Visual Studio 2010 unusable except for text editing.

I've not heard about such issues so far. i've just checked update 3 installed via intel software manager on both VS2010 and VS2012 and did not find any issues there.

it is better to submit an issue to the premier.intel.com. they will ask for computer configurations and other machine specifics to localize the problem and suggest workaround how to disable integration until the problem is fixed. 


I was able to resolve the issue as follows. 

    1. Uninstall the TBB building blocks.
    2. Run the Intel Composer C++ Update 4 for Windows Installer and choose modify, unistall visual studio integration.
    3. Re-run the Intel Composer C++ Update 4 for Windows Installer, choose modify and install visual studio integration
    4. Do not re-run the TBB building blocks update.


Thank you.  I solved it as mentioned above.  I notice that another person had the same problem


However, they saw it with the Intel Composer update.  I had updated Intel Composer before applying the TBB update, but I opened up VS in between the Intel Composer update and the TBB update and everything worked fine. So, at least for me, it was the TBB update that broke VS.

Also, I actually do not understand why the software manager is giving me the TBB update separately from the Intel Composer update.  The Composer update (I think) includes the TBB update as well.  I did notice that even after installing the TBB update separately, the software manager still indicates that I need to install the TBB update. 


yesterday (31.5.2013) I had the same problem and I reported here (as John Young said): 


I found, that the problem was not caused by Parallel Studio XE 2013 but due to the TBB Update 3.  I installed the Parallel Studio XE 2013 Update 4 and immediatelly after that I have installed the TBB Update 3 from Update Manager. Then I found the problem with VS2010 and I incorrectly assumed that it was caused by the Parallel Studio XE installation.

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