problem in using Parallel_for

problem in using Parallel_for

Hi, I am using tbb with visual studion 2005. Implemented concurrent_bounded queue and its working fine. In same application i am trying to implement parallel_for but when i include parallel_for.h its showing lots of errors in task.h file. Please let me know what kind of setting is required.  Sample application in tbb are working fine and i tried to figure it out from that but its not working. 

Erros are as follows:

\tbb40_20120408oss\include\tbb\internal\../tbb_machine.h(305) : warning C4793: '__asm' : causes native code generation for function 'void tbb::atomic_fence(void)'
1> \tbb40_20120408oss\include\tbb\internal\../tbb_machine.h(305) : see declaration of 'tbb::atomic_fence'
1\tbb40_20120408oss\include\tbb\task.h(64) : error C2059: syntax error : 'constant'
1>\tbb40_20120408oss\include\tbb\task.h(146) : error C2059: syntax error : 'constant'
1>\tbb40_20120408oss\include\tbb\task.h(153) : error C2059: syntax error : 'constant'
1>d:\sheetal\multiprompter pal\multiprompter pro 4.10.00 for pal 112june 2013 tbb parallelfor\tbb40_20120408oss\include\tbb\task.h(159) : error C2059: syntax error : 'constant'
1>\tbb40_20120408oss\include\tbb\task.h(165) : error C2059: syntax error : 'constant'
1>\tbb40_20120408oss\include\tbb\task.h(927) : error C2660: 'tbb::internal::allocate_root_proxy::_free_dbg' : function does not take 2 arguments
1>\tbb40_20120408oss\include\tbb\task.h(936) : error C2660: 'tbb::internal::allocate_root_with_context_proxy::_free_dbg' : function does not take 2 arguments
1>\tbb40_20120408oss\include\tbb\task.h(945) : error C2660: 'tbb::internal::allocate_continuation_proxy::_free_dbg' : function does not take 2 arguments
1>\tbb40_20120408oss\include\tbb\task.h(953) : error C2660: 'tbb::internal::allocate_child_proxy::_free_dbg' : function does not take 2 arguments
1>\tbb40_20120408oss\include\tbb\task.h(961) : error C2660: 'tbb::internal::allocate_additional_child_of_proxy::_free_dbg' : function does not take 2 arguments
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Hi Sheetal,

I downloaded tbb 4.0 U4 (tbb40_20120408oss) and built it with vs 2005 (32/64, release/debug) and did not get any build issues.

Could you give us more detail about how you built your application? Like, your machine environment, your %INCLUDE%, etc ?

Thanks a lot.



Thanks for the reply, I tried to use it with tbb 4.0 (tbb40_20120408oss) and tbb 4.1 (tbb40_20120613oss). when i create any new application it works.  I am using tbb in my old existing project then it is giving error.  I have not set any entry in Environment Variable. I have just given path of of tbb as follows 

Project -> Properties -> c++ -> General -> Additional Include Directories -> c:\tbb40_20120613oss\includes

Project -> Properties -> Linker-> General ->Additional Library Directories -> C:\tbb41_20130314oss\lib\ia32\vc8

Project -> Properties -> Linker-> input -> tbb_debug.lib

with tese settings if i use concurrent_bounded_queue.h it works. But haveing problem in parallal_for.h->task.h

dose any other settings done for DirectX / atlmfc componenets could affect tbb files?

I am also using the same version of tbb. when i create any new application it works.  But i am going to integrate tbb in my old project and then its giving errors. I have not set environment variable. Just done simple reguler settings as follows

project->Properties -> c++ -> General ->Additional Include Directories -> c:\tbb40_20120408oss\includes

project->Properties -> Linker ->General -> Additional Library Directories -> C:\tbb41_20130314oss\lib\ia32\vc8

project->Properties -> Linker ->Input -> tbb_debug.lib

With these settings concurrent_bounded_queue is working fine. But when i include parallal_for.h problem starts.

is it possible that other files from mfc can have declarations as task.h and because of this such problem has raised? But i did not found any such other declaration. 

Please help me to solve this issue

Something (maybe MFC headers) defines 'free' to something studio specific. 

you can point to line 64 of \tbb40_20120408oss\include\tbb\task.h in the visual studio and check where 'free' is defined.


In task.h free is defined and that is giving error messages. But how to solve it? there could be declaration of free in other mfc files, i tried to fined but i can not change any declaration. Then how to solve this problem? and idea?

does anyone have solution of this problem?

could you check that _CRTDBG_MAP_ALLOC macro is not defined?

it looks to be similar to topic


Yes it if defined in my project files. What i need to do with it now? 

Thanks a lot Mr. Vladimir

I have commented all decleartions from my code, this may affect my output dont know where but atleast parallel_ for is working. 

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