pipeline and ifc importation

pipeline and ifc importation

I have this problem:
I'm implementing an importer from ifc ( an architectural xml open format).
I wish use tbb for sped up the importation.
The bottle neck is the file, is clear , but may be that i can use my four cores:
I get the data from an xml and the data is composed by blocks:
for example column, wall, beam ecc....
Each of these type(column,wall and beam are classes)must be processed differently by a lot of operations and iterations.
The operations are different for each type but for the same type are equals.
I think that the "parallel for"  is not indicated, peraphs the solution is a pipeline ,i read about:
but i'm a newbe , i wish open a study tbb and this is the first experiment,
can you advice me some links or a better explanation of this problem or books for the tbb study more in depth?


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