Inspector XE 2013SP1 reports data race in _concurrent_unordered_impl

Inspector XE 2013SP1 reports data race in _concurrent_unordered_impl


I just upgraded to the latest Intel Tools, including TBB to 4.2. Running the Inspector on one of my unit tests it reports some data races triggered by parallel calls from tbb::concurrent_unordered_map::find(). The data races are all related to the initialization of the buckets, see part of the call stack below.

Do I really got a problem here or is it a false positive ?


Thread Read:
  UnitTest.dll!init_bucket - _concurrent_unordered_impl.h:1292
  UnitTest.dll!internal_find - _concurrent_unordered_impl.h:1190
Thread Write:
  UnitTest.dll!set_bucket - _concurrent_unordered_impl.h:1358
  UnitTest.dll!init_bucket - _concurrent_unordered_impl.h:1299
  UnitTest.dll!internal_find - _concurrent_unordered_impl.h:1190


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1190 and 1299 are blank in 4.2 ("the latest Intel Tools, including TBB to 4.2") and comments in 4.2 update 5 (current version). 1292 is a comment resp. a function header. Maybe it's a different update?

And isn't the Inspector dependent on explicit instrumentation in TBB?

(Added after #3) Commercial release, of course... please ignore.

These lines correspond to headers from commercial package. 

we are checking whether these hits are false positives.

Re: Raf. I do not see any guards in the header so I'm not sure that "-DDO_ITT_NOTIFY" macro might help in this case.


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