Compiling TBB 2017 U7 under C++17

Compiling TBB 2017 U7 under C++17


I'm trying to get TBB 2017 U7 compiling with GCC 7.1, using C++17 (or rather, --std=c++1z) mode. I hacked the file to add the appropriate flag, but compilation failed due to use of dynamic exception specifications in tbbmalloc. Specifically:



There may, of course, be others but I can only get this far.

Dynamic exception specifications are removed in C++17. Not only that, they have been deprecated since C++11. I believe they could be removed without significant impact. How about it?

Happy to report no errors, or even warnings, compiling under the same conditions!

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I forgot to mention - I can look into submitting a patch to remove any exception specifications, if I can get confirmation that this would be an acceptable contribution. Thanks.

The contributions to support new compilers (or new modes/features) are highly appreciated. However, I cannot promise that it will be contributed because it depends on many factors (e.g. other urgent activities, patch quality and so on); but it will be certainly considered.


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