Cannot find composite_node with clang

Cannot find composite_node with clang

I experiment with the TBB composite node and the TBB CMake scripts.

My test repository works fine when I compile it using GCC 5.4 at Ubuntu 16.04. However, I cannot get my test program to compile with Clang 6.0. Instead, I get the compiler error error: unknown template name 'composite_node'.

Do I need any additional flags to find the composite_node?

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Hi Florian,

We do not support pre-release compiler versions. Your test compiles well on Clang 4.0. Why do you need exactly Clang 6.0?



you can define __TBB_FLOW_GRAPH_CPP11_FEATURES macro to 1 to overcome this particular problem with this prereleased compiler.


I get the same error message on my Mac using stable Apple Clang 8.1.0. (XCode 8.3.3).


 The  __TBB_FLOW_GRAPH_CPP11_FEATURES definition did the trick, though. Thank you very much!

Hi Florian!

I have checked your tbb-test example on Ubuntu 16.04 with clang 6.0 and everything is ok. Could you please compile test_composite_node with stdver=c++11 enabled?



I updated the repository with stdver=c++11 – with no effect. 

error: no type named 'composite_node' in namespace 'tbb::flow'



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