Action dispatching with the java stack

Action dispatching with the java stack


I`m trying out the developer tools.
For now i have created a Network light, generated the stack for Java/Android and added a button to switch on/off the lightbulb.
When using the sniffer i can see that the start and stop methods transmitting.
But the samples calls arent transmitted in the onCreate-method.
I can`t figure out how i can add functionality to the setTarget function found in the "".
I have tried allot of things but nothing seems to work.
Any help is appreciated
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I am looking for the same answer too, there is zero documentation and no example. This stack is very stable and the developer tools are great, we need documentation and examples! Pls!

Hey all,

I'm trying to generate any android application with the device builder but it keeps crashing with this error
06-24 09:14:04.642: E/AndroidRuntime(276): java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: opentools.upnp.UPnPDevice
I've tried everything (it seems) to resolve this problem such as moving the jar files to the libs directory but it just seems to keep crashing
"Unfortunately Device has stopped working"
Any suggestions?

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