M-SEARCH Problem

M-SEARCH Problem


I am new to UPnP and trying to do a basic command of just sending out an M-SEARCH requestto all UPnP devices on the network. I have trieda couple ofways (Java and AMX code) to send a multicast UDP HTTP command on the correct IP address and port and both times they can be viewed on the Device sniffer. The problem I am having is that the request does not trigger a response to any UPnP enabled devices on the network. However if I use the Device Sniffer to search all devices then I instantly receive a response. In both programming cases the command sent is identical to the command sent out by the Device Sniffer.

I also decided to use the Cybergarage package to create an instance of the control point which upon execution send out a M-SEARCH request, which again can be seen on the Device Sniffer but without any response.

Can someone please help and explain why this is happening? Many thanks in advance as I'm going round in circles trying to find out why!!!


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