Anybody who can answer for Intel UPnP stack license policy?

Anybody who can answer for Intel UPnP stack license policy?

Hi. all,

I emailed about license policy for use of Intel UPnP stack generated by Intel Device Builder.

But I got response from Intel support teamthat he or she asked me to go to this forumand seethe question.

I'm confused if she or he just kicked me off by regarding my question about license as general question about Intel UPnP tool just likeIntel product.

Is there anybody who is able to figureout what is policy of Intel UPnP stack license?

Sincerely yours.

Sean Yoon.

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Thank you for contacting Intel Software Network Support.

Intel Tools for UPnP* Technology are no longer being developed by Intel. Intel no longer provides interactive support for these products via telephone or e-mail, nor will Intel provide any future updates to the Intel Tools for UPnP* Technology or improve compatibility with third party devices and software products.

The Intel Tools for UPnP* Technology page is located at

Please see our community-supported Intel Tools for UPnP* Technology forum at if you would like to discuss Intel Tools for UPnP Technology with the public. Please note that this forum is not moderated by Intel and all posts are answered by community members.

Warm regards,

Gina B.

Intel S
oftware Network Support


Intel is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.

*Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.

A representative of Intel may subsequently contact you (via email) in order to obtain your feedback on the quality of the support you received. If you do not wish to participate, simply delete the survey email.

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Dear Madam/Sir:

I'm working for CDI.

We're considering using UPnP technology on Windows mobile device for our


Is it possible for us to use Intel UPnP stack generated by Intel Device

Builder in our application on Windows mobile device?

(If yes) Are there any limitations or conditions to use the Intel UPnP

stack such as license fee or running charge for commercial applications?

Please let us know if any information needed to use the Intel UPnP stack

for commercial appication ASAP...

Thank you.

Sean Sukhwan Yoon.

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Wow. Licensing was a big question for a long time. The tools are now available under a fully open source Apache 2.0 license under the new name "Developer Tools for UPnP Technologies". All of the source code is there for everything including the code generator itself. You should be good to go, even for commertial use.

You don't have too, but if you make improvements, feedback is appreciated.


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