Generation in C++ with Device Builder

Generation in C++ with Device Builder


I want to begin to apologize for my weak english...

My problem is about the development of a service UPnP in C++.

So, first i use Service Author to add a state variable "counter" with type "integer 32", i also add a method "add1" with an argument "resultat" and i specified this argument is used for "return". Then, i export in a file "description.xml".

Next, i use Device Builder. I set values for the root device (friendly name, ...) and i import the "description.xml" file. I edit values for the service like ServiceName, ServiceID, ... I save it in "description.upnpsg" file.
Now, i want to generate it. So, i click on "File" and "Export Device Stack", i set the target platform in C++/ATL and the output path. Generation is for now good, i haven't errors.

So, i open the output path and i open the VS solution. I generate the solution, every thing is still good.
And now, i want to launch the service UPnP generated. So i go in my directory where files are generated and i click on "runDevice.bat", and i can see this message of error:
"Could not register the device with the Device Host - 8004a020" (i think this error is given by the "RegisterDevice.exe" file")

So i searched why i can't launch the service UPnP and i found something wrong in my SCPD file. In fact, when i specified the good URL to reach the SCPD file in the "SCPDURL" element and i set none for "controlURL" element and for "eventSubURL" element, i can launch with "runDevice.bat" file.

But i have another problem.
I use to Device Spy for detecting my service UPnP. And when i want to invoke "add1" i have an error like "Invocation Error Code 501 (343 ms): Action Failed".

I search why i have this error, and i think it's because of my "controlURL" element is empty...

So, if somebody can help me, it will be good!
I want to thank you in advance.

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