DLNA Wizard Generator License?

DLNA Wizard Generator License?

Hi all,

Does anyone know how the license in the code generated by the "Intel Digital Home Device Code Wizard" is to be interpreted?
Specifically I'm wondering if a company can use the generated code in a commercial product? It seems to me like the license specifically says that they can't:

* ... No part of the Material
* may be used, copied, reproduced, modified, published, uploaded,
* posted, transmitted, distributed, or disclosed in any way without
* Intel's prior express written permission.

On the other hand I don't understand the purpuse of such a tool, if it can't be used for building DLNA devices?


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Nobody's here?
I'm confused too about this issues.
Please respond this question?


Please notice there is an End of Interactive Support announcement in this forum.

For technical concerns, the following resources may be of interest: http://upnp.org and http://www.dlna.org. Please note that these links will take you to external web sites. Intel is not responsible for content or availability of these sites.

I hope that helps.

Aubrey W.
Intel Software Network Support

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