Uploading file to MediaServer

Uploading file to MediaServer


There are some problems with uploading file to MediaServer. Is there
any way to do this?

What I tried:

I create new resource with CreateResource action (run via Device Spy)
on first server. All is ok, I see importURI from result. Then I try to
import file from second server using ExportResource. When I invoke it,
the following error is occured:

HTTP/1.1 500 Internal
Content-Length: 996



System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at Intel.UPNP.AV.MediaServer.DV.MediaServerDevice.SetupSessionForTransfer(HTTPSession session)
at Intel.UPNP.AV.MediaServer.DV.MediaServerDevice.SinkCd_ExportResource(Uri SourceURI, Uri DestinationURI, UInt32& TransferID)
at Intel.UPNP.AV.DvContentDirectory._DvContentDirectory.ExportResource(Uri SourceURI, Uri DestinationURI, UInt32& TransferID)

Then I try to do HTTP POST on first server with file contents.
Regarding to tcpdump, file is transfered but servers only returns acks
to it (no HTTP responce). Additionally second server prints incoming
transfer on Tranfers Panel, but with position = 0%. Actual file content
not changed.

Thanks for help.

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